Jaw Realignment Treatment

Jaw realignment treatment repositions your teeth and related facial bones to create a balanced appearance and improved jaw function.

Why would I need my jaw realigned?

It is not uncommon to be born with a jaw or teeth that are not properly aligned. While this condition tends to impact your overall appearance, it can also lead to more serious dental issues. Injury is another common reason for jaw surgery. If you’ve incurred a traumatic injury that has displaced your jaw or impacted your facial bones, jaw alignment surgery is typically the best and most effective solution.

The Treatment Process

Whether you have an “open bite,” protruding lower jaw, receding lower jaw or other issues, our goal is to adjust your bite to optimal function. Treatment solutions range from orthodontic braces to corrective jaw surgery where we will reposition the jawbones accordingly.

If surgery is required, patients typically return to normal activities within one to three weeks. The initial healing phase is about six weeks, and complete healing of the jaws occurs between nine and 12 months.

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